Ballet Program At Sugarloaf Performing Arts

Our Professional Ballet Program

At Sugarloaf Performing Arts we believe that it is important for a dance student to have excellent training from the very beginning. Correct technique is essential for a young dancer to mature into an artist of professional quality. Our professional ballet and modern program reveals the world of dance - the joy of training in technique, style and musicality, as well as the beauty of performance - to children and adults.


Sugarloaf Performing Arts emphasizes progressive training in ballet and modern technique through leveled classes and performance opportunities. We offer a ballet major selection for our Ballet 6 students designed for college and dance company preparation.

Pre-Ballet I, II, and III: Pre-Ballet is designed for students who are ages 3 to 7. Pre-Ballet classes teach basic dance skills and encourage creative movement and improved coordination, timing, balance, rhythm, poise, grace and self-expression. Songs, dance, and musical games make Pre-Ballet both educational and enjoyable. Pre-Ballet meets for 45 minutes a week.

Ballet and Pointe: Beginning with age 8, students are introduced to a graded ballet curriculum. Pointe work will begin when a student has reached ballet level III. An audition is required for placement and enrollment.